Our Mission

The mission of the Fish Reef Project is to Help Ocean Life Thrive™. We will accomplish this goal by creating a global network of designed reefs. The reefs will stimulate all manner of marine life and help the seafloor recover thousands of acres of silted-in, dead or dying reefs in tropical and temperate marine ecosystems. Learn about The Science.

Capt’ Chris Goldblatt Founder/CEO

Fish Reef Benefits

  • Removes carbon from the air and acid from the sea
  • Helps restore natural reefs
  • Creates brand new life
  • Creates breeding and feeding grounds for marine mammals, sea birds, fish and invertabrates
  • Removes pollution
  • Restores kelp forests and corals
  • Provides study opportunites and a chance to learn more about the creation of new life on the sea
  • Reduces fishing compaction and avoids over fishing
  • Provides fishing opportunites
  • Provides ecotourism opportunites
  • Creates habitat for abalone restoration
  • Unites the ocean community into a single unified purpose
  • Spreads out vessels thus reducing the chance of diver death by boat strike
  • Helps Ocean Life Thrive!™

True Blue Carbon™ is a unique form of verified blue carbon credit that comes with a guaranteed minimum amount of marine life. To qualify as True Blue Carbon™, for every ten verified Blue Carbon credits, one tonne of biodiverse, high quality marine life must be generated. To see this project on the International Carbon Registry click here

You Can Help Ocean Life Thrive!
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