Our Mission

The mission of the Fish Reef Project is to Help Ocean Life Thrive™. We will accomplish this goal by creating a global network of designed reefs. The reefs will stimulate all manner of marine life and help the seafloor recover thousands of acres of silted-in, dead or dying reefs in tropical and temperate marine ecosystems. Learn about The Science.

Capt’ Chris Goldblatt Founder/CEO

Fish Reef Benefits

  • Removes carbon from the air and acid from the sea
  • Helps restore natural reefs
  • Creates brand new life
  • Creates breeding and feeding grounds for marine mammals, sea birds, fish and invertabrates
  • Removes pollution
  • Restores kelp forests and corals
  • Provides study opportunites and a chance to learn more about the creation of new life on the sea
  • Reduces fishing compaction and avoids over fishing
  • Provides fishing opportunites
  • Provides ecotourism opportunites
  • Creates habitat for abalone restoration
  • Unites the ocean community into a single unified purpose
  • Spreads out vessels thus reducing the chance of diver death by boat strike
  • Helps Ocean Life Thrive!™
You Can Help Ocean Life Thrive!
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