Fish Reef Project Mexico is a world class, first of its kind, fully functioning biogenic reefing program.

Our elite team of Mexican and U.S experts work together to produce and deploy hundreds of Sea Caves monthly. We work up and down the Baja Peninsula building and regenerating giant kelp forests. Our partnered fishing cooperatives have embraced the Sea Caves as a primary means to ensure long term sustainable fisheries for lobster, abalone, marine algae, fin -fish, sea cucumbers and more.

Our Nexus is in Ensenada where we employ many people, utilize the ports, acquire raw materials and conduct stake holder outreach. Fish Reef Project Mexico is leading the world to build entire kelp forests that sequester True Blue Carbon®. Baja is a unique gem in the world and Fish Reef Project is honored to help keep her oceans vibrant and healthy. Gracias para Ayudandos a prosperar la vida marina!

2023 Tina Reef (Baja) official monitoring report

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