Coral reef-related fisheries are socially and economically important in Jamaica.

Jamaican fisheries contribute

to mainly small-scale food security, as well as to the employment of the coastal communities where fishing-related activities are often the only or the most important source of foods and livelihoods for about 40,000 people. Jamaica’s traditional inshore fisheries mainly target species associated with reefs such as snappers, groupers and lobsters. Reef-related fisheries support between 15,000 to 20,000 active fishers, most of whom are artisanal, thus providing coastal communities with an important “safety net” of food and employment in times of need.

United Nations
International Seabed Authority

Kingston, Jamaica

ISA Permanent Observer

In 2015, the Fish Reef Project has been recognized by the United Nations Seabed Authority as a Permanent Observer and International NGO

Every year, the Fish Reef Project Founder, Chris Goldblatt goes to Kingston, Jamaica for the annual International Seabed Authority Conference on behalf of the project. He spends much of his time circulating the conference talking with the local fishermen, and explaining the benefits of the Jamaican Reef Project. The local fishermen are thrilled to have international support to help replenish their fisheries for food security and livelihood.

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