85 % of coastal population lives directly off the ocean.

Fish Reef Project is Proud of PNG-1

PNG-1 is the new Fish Reef deployed near Fisherman’s Island. We understand that up to 85% of coastal population lives directly off subsistence fishing and gathering. It is critical to maintain good reef health for the benefit of local communities and their food supply.  Fish Reef Project made a deal with local fishermen to stop dynamite fishing in exchange for the new reef that has proven to be very successful. Now Fish Reef Project turns to the world to fund the expansion of this vital program.

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What Efforts Are Being Done To Help Restore The Reef?

Fish Reef Project has deployed a new marine enhancement reef in Papua New Guinea

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Meet Our Local Team Leader

Dr. Wilfred Lus is supporting the project’s mission to enhance the seafloor and its biomass through the creation of artificial reefs which re-establishes and propagates coral habitats and fish populations and addresses food security and climate change in impacted communities in Papua New Guinea.

Dr. Lus has a BSc (Honours First Class) in Geology from the University of Papua New Guinea, and a PhD in Earth Science from Australian National University, Canberra, Australia. He has worked as a geologist with CRA, Barrick Gold, and numerous other mineral exploration and mining companies.

Until recently, he was Chief Geologist at Petromin PNG Holdings and Director of Petromin subsidiary Eda Kopa (Solwara) Ltd. Eda Kopa has a 15% partnership with Nautilus Minerals for the Solwara 1 Deep Sea Mining Project in Bismarck Sea.

Dr. Lus holds the current record for the deepest manned submersible dive in PNG waters of 3000m onboard the Japanese Marine Science & Technology Centre (JAMSTEC) while exploring in the New Guinea Trench.

Wilfred grew up on Mushu Island where he spent his spare time after school spearfishing and surfing the waves off Karawap Point, near Wewak. His favorite plate is still dried red emperor fish and sago.

Local fishermen now understand the detrimental effects of dynamite fishing and have signed an agreement with us in 2016 to avoid this fishing strategy.

Latest PNG Developments

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