California Reef Project

  • In 1972, the Goleta kelp beds were thriving…

  • 1983‘s El Niño destroyed Goleta’s kelp beds, and has never recovered.

  • Fish Reef Project is working to restore the lost Historic 220 acre Goleta Kelp Bed.

  • Healthy kelp beds are vital

    to charge the ocean with nutrients, provide marine life habit and control costal and beach erosion.

  • California Spiny Lobster

    Lobsters love the Reef Balls

  • Black Sea Bass

    Live in the thriving kelp forests

  • Helping Abalone Recover

  • White Seabass

    Love the Fish Reef Balls

  • Location

    3/4 mile offshore Goleta Beach, CA

    45 feet underwater

  • Estimated Deployment


  • Donate

    Learn about ways you can help!

Underwater Cam

Check out what’s going on beneath the surface. Here you can watch the reef grow right before your eyes!

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