Deckers Brands and Brighten Solar Co Choose Fish Reef Project As Their Corporate Social Responsibility

FRP Helps Secure $14m To Plug Leaky Oil Wells At Summerland Beach

Fish Reef Project took direct action in 2016 to help cause the state to put up $14m to properly cap leaking oil well heads at Summerland Beach – today the Curtin Maritime barge arrived to begin capping the infamous Becker Well head that had leaked oil for decades.  State Lands Commission will likely plug as many as a dozen well heads with the funding.

Fish Reef Project is proud to have been part of  serving the community and our marine ecology with more to come. Fish Reef Project wanted to help plug the well heads to make the water clean enough to support the thriving new marine life that will live in the kelp restoration projects that we have in the works.”


Final stage of plugging involves filling well with concrete.

FRP Visits Anacapa School in Santa Barbara

“Today I had unique pleasure of sharing the Fish Reef Project with students at Santa Barbara’s esteemed, Anacapa School. I was deeply impressed by the thoughtfulness, variety and well-reasoned questions that the students asked. It is clear that the Students at Anacapa School are eager to Help Ocean Life Thrive by supporting the Fish Reef Project.”

-Chris Goldblatt, FRP Founder