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Take Part Media features the Fish Reef Project

  ‘Reef Balls’: A Strange Name for an Ocean Cure-All Though a violent boating accident almost killed him, Malibu native Chris Goldblatt still loves the ocean. And he’s got an idea that’s just so crazy it could work. January 7, 2013 Jon Bowermaster   Malibu-based ocean conservationist instructs two young inquirers about how and why […]

Fish Reef Project in Malibu Surf Side News

FISH REEF PROJECT SEEKS LOCAL FINANCIAL SUPPORT The Fish Reef Project is proud to announce the deployment of its first two test reef balls off Santa Barbara. In the water for just five weeks, the small reefs are already covered with young life, including starfish, barnacles, green algae, dozens of crabs and best of all, […]

Fish Reef Project California Reef Update Videos

In June 2012 the Fish Reef Project provided two reef balls to an Aquaculture operation who deployed them off Santa Barbara.  Watch videos to see progress. Progress video #1 –July 22, 2012. Hendry’s Reef Monitoring. East ball. Progress video #2 — July 22, 2012. Hendry’s Pilot reef monitoring. West drop. Progress video #3 — November, 2012. […]