Introducing: the Sea Cave®

Patent Pending

As inventor of the patent pending Sea Cave® designed reef unit, I am proud to have granted Fish Reef Project a worldwide exclusive for its construction, deployment and monitoring. Sea Cave® is the cutting edge in reef design and is revolutionizing ocean health projects across the globe. It is ideal to hold large kelp hold fasts and coral heads while providing abundant hidden cave areas for fish, lobster abalone and more. We expect each Sea Cave®, on average, to generate up to 500 kilograms of marine life and revive, restore and enhance our oceans, while providing sustainable food, job, tourism and study opportunities to millions of people over the coming decades. Sea Cave® is chemically engineered to match the ambient seawater pH.  Sea Cave® can be fully built in just minutes allowing for the unprecedented ability to scale up a project’s size to create fully functioning biogenic reef systems that create a dividend life rather than just attracting it. Thank you for Helping Ocean Life Thrive!®

Kind regards,
Chris Goldblatt