Initial Reef Deployed Successfully Into Cachuma Lake

We’re excited to announce the reef units were successfully deployed in Cachuma Lake!

With recent interest in our project by the local Girl Scouts, we collectively gained access to plant a new reef into the lake to provide new habitats for the native fish as a way to adapt to the lowered water levels caused by the drout. During perpetual drought, this important water way is shrinking. Every year more and more fish and aquatic habitat is lost to drought which increases stress on fish as they compete for space used for spawning, forage and shelter. The Fish Reef Units will help these stressed fish greatly as they will provide ample new habitat for them to thrive.

In the future, Fish Reef Project will expand its ocean health efforts locally to the Goleta Kelp Restoration Reef where we will restore the historic mile-long kelp bed that is currently missing in action. Historically, the kelp helped the beach stay nice and wide and provided food and shelter for fish, marine mammals, lobster, abalone, sea birds and many other forms of wildlife. We will monitor the reef site, collecting data along the way that will encourage new marine reef deployment.

We welcome everyone to come support the most significant Ocean Health Project of our time, Fish Reef Project! Want to learn more about our California Reef Projects?

Making & Deployment Of The Cachuma Lake Reef

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