The Fish Reef Project

The Fish Reefs will reduce pressure on natural reefs thus reducing overfishing while helping to restore damaged natural reef systems. The Fish Reefs are designed to enhance marine life, provide study, eco-tour and fishing opportunities for everyone. The Fish Reefs are a triple net positive in that they quickly increase marine life abundance, they unite the ocean community to a single common cause that we can all benefit from and they require no heavy enforcement or use of public funds or resources to

It is the goal of the Fish Reef Project to create a five acre fish reef within ten miles of every harbor in Southern California within the next 3-5 years. To make this a reality, we do need community support and donations, so if you would like to help make the ocean better and leave a lasting positive legacy on this planet please reach out to and make a donation online or mail in a check. Together, we can make the ocean better…

Note: Our non-profit status is currently pending, we will notify you when it finalizes so donors can take the tax deduction at that time.

Locations: the initial location will be near Santa Barbara – the goal is to put a fish reef near every harbor in Southern California within 3-5 years.

Benefits of fish reefs:

•Reduces fishing compaction and avoids overfishing
•Removes carbon from air and acid from the sea
•Provides study opportunity and a chance to learn more about the creation of new life on the sea
•Provides fishing opportunity
•Provides ecotourism opportunity
•Spreads out vessels thus reducing chance of diver death by boat strike
•Creates habitat for abalone restoration
•Helps restore natural reefs
•Created brand new life
•Creates breeding and feeding grounds for marine mammals, sea birds, fish and inverts
•Unites ocean community into a single unifies purpose
•Removes pollution
•Restores kelp forests
•Makes the ocean better

Capt’ Chris Goldblatt
Fish Reef Project
Founder and CEO