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Fish Reef Project

Supporters of The Fish Reef Project

The Fish Reef Project has met its short term funding needs and is now able to come to life. We would like to offer special thanks to those listed below who stepped up early and in a major way to make things happen for the project.

Significant Supporters

Needleman Family
Kelly Meyer
Film Producer (Anonymous)
Santa Monica Seafood and Fish Wise
Fisheries PhD Dr. Robert Abbot
Actor, angler and ocean conservationist, Ricky Schroder supports the Fish Reef Project
Rick Shroder Rick Shroder








Other Valued Supporters

Fish Reef

NAUI - Green Diver Initiative
Celebrity - Anonymous
Movie Producer - Anonymous
JBL Spearguns
Amadeo Bachar Design
Phil Herranen
Daryl Wong Spearguns
Blue Water Hunter

Malibu Divers
Becker Surf & Sport - Malibu
Riffe International
Red Rooster III and Lee Palm Sportfishers
Royal Polaris - Frank Lo Preste - Dunn Sportfishing
Whale Shark Films
Dr. Terry Maas
Seeker Rods
Freedive Instructors International
Calstar Rods
High Tide Jigs
Channel Islands Sportfishing
Pacific Freedivers
Frank Lo Preste

Sponsor a Ball Donors Section

Each of the below will have a plaque added to a reef ball with wording of their choosing. The donors will received GPS coordinates and underwater photos of the ball.

Santa Monica Seafood

Cathy Lee Needleman

Film Producer-anonymous

• News Alert! Fish Reef Project's first Reef Ball mold has arrived!

If you would like to be a major or even minor supporter of the Fish Reef Project, please contact us and we will see how we can work together to Make the Ocean Better.





"When you make a reef you make life" -- The Fish Reef Project guiding principle


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