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Success Stories

Berkeley Reef

Fish Reef

Fish Reef

Dr. Robert Abbot's Berkeley Reef is made from two 1/4 acre sections of reef balls placed in the shallow intertidal areas.

The reef are a great success in that that they have helped restore native Olympia oyster to San Francisco Bay while creating spawning habitat for Salmon, Green sturgeon and places for the kelp to grow which in turn supports the herring fishery.

















Wilmington Reef

Fish Reef

Fish Reef

NOAA's Wilmington Reef in Prince William sound is made from several hundred reef balls.

Our federal government placed the reef balls in the Alaskan bay several years ago to help offset any damage caused by the creation of a new harbor.

Already the kelp, rock fish and invertebrates can be seen thriving on the new reef.












Fish Reef

Catalina Island's own CIMI (marine biology summer camp) placed a few dozen reef ball on the front side of Catalina that are now home to eels, lobster, black sea-bass and the recovering green and pink abalone.








Established Reef Balls

Fish Reef

More than 500,000 reef balls have been deployed in 70 countries.

As we can see by this image the reef balls work perfectly to help create new coral life and mimic natural seafloor structure.


















In Just 18 Months...

Fish Reef

In Vancouver BC this amazing image shows just how fast new life settles on properly made reefs. In just 18 months, this reef ball is full of life.























Fish Reef

Fish Reef


SONGS Reef is a 174-acre reef created by Southern California Edison for the purposes of mitigation. This means that in order to offset increased particulate matter caused by outfall of the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant, they created the SONGS reef. The end result is that the SONGS reef is cleaning the water and likely improving the ambient ecosystem considerably.

UCSB Bren School of Marine Biology has stated that the SONGS reef "is an underwater rain forest, exceeding expectation for creation of new marine life".

Although made from Catalina quarry rock (not reef balls) SONGS reefs does show that man made structure of various kinds can support marine life. In just five years is fully covered in thick kelp, sea fans and soft corals. The lobster are growing in numbers . The reef does lack expected fish numbers, this I likely due to the lack of cave area which could possibly be rectified by adding reef balls-fish need caves to thrive.


"When you make a reef you make life" -- The Fish Reef Project guiding principle

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