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Fish Reef Project

Fish Reef Project News

Fish Reef

• Santa Barbara Magazine on the Fish Reef Project's history

• Take Part Media's John Bowermaster features the Fish Reef Project

• FRP holds display booth at UCBS's Night with the Great White Shark

• New article on the FRP by Chris Goldblatt in Hawaiian Skin Diver Magazine, Jan 2013

• FRP to be featured at the Rod & Reel Club Jan 28, 2013

• August, 2012. FRP article in the Malibu Surfside News

• Fish Reef Project and Dr. Abbot address the channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council

• Fish reefs progress videos are online!

• Chris Goldblatt, Fish reef project CEO was interviewed by Dave Congalton on July 16th, 2012. Click here to listen.

• FRP featured in KEYT news segment

• June 2012: Pouring the first reef ball for FRP.

• May 2012: The first Reef Ball mold has arrived!

• April 2012: Fish Reef project gets listed with Santa Monica Seafood RSVP program.

• April 2012: Fish Reef Project attends Santa Barbara Earth day Fest.

• March 2012: Fish Reef Project enjoys broad based support at the Fred Hall Show.

• March 2012: Fish Reef Project draws tickets for long awaited raffle.

• March 2012: Fish Reef project gets listed with NAUI Green Divers Initiative

• March 2012 FRP gets a mention in the Malibu Surfside News

• FRP gets a write-up in the Malibu Surfside News

• February 2012: Dedicated Fish Reef Volunteer Tyler Vanderlip raised awareness about reef benefits in Malibu.















"When you make a reef you make life" -- The Fish Reef Project guiding principle

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