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Fish Reef Project

How You Can Help The Fish Reef Project

Fish Reef

The Fish Reef project is a multigenerational marine environmental project that may some day span the entire globe. Anybody who cares about the long term health of the ocean and wants to create a permanent lasting life giving legacy for themselves, their families or their institutions should step up and be part of this. Everyone is welcome.

Donation options

All donations will be tax deductible once we receive our final IRS nonprofit approval in a few months.

Donate any amount of money and receive a free Fish Reef Bumper sticker and welcome letter. If you would like us to debit your credit card for certain amount monthly please indicate this on check out.

Donate $50 annually and you will become a member of the Fish Reef Society. You will receive a handsome Fish Reef T-shirt, bumper sticker and welcome letter, and you will be invited to our exclusive events such as reef christening ceremonies.

Sponsor a ball: For $10,000 you will have a ball named in your honor which will be embedded with a brass plaque and you will be given the exact GPS location of the reef ball and a picture of the ball on deployment and under water.

Donate a major sum by credit card, check or TT -- We will respect the anonymity of major donors if you choose. For very large donations, please contact us to discuss potential naming rights and reef location

Donate your time: We always need folks to help with public outreach, to man information tables at supermarkets and public events and — coming soon — to help with reef construction. Please use our volunteer form if you would like to donate your time and part of this exciting mission.

"When you make a reef you make life" -- The Fish Reef Project guiding principle

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