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Fish Reef Project Hawaii

Fish Reef

Fish Reef
Shark conservationist and key Fish Reef Project Hawaii
Team member Bern Pernia exploring potential reef
sites in Maui.

Sara Devine
Daryl Wong D.D.S

As a fisherman, diver, commercial fisherman for over 40
years I have slowly seen the decline of our reef resources.
Two major changes occurred after Hurricane Iniki and Iwa.
Both hurricanes drastically changed our reefs by flattening
our our reef ecosystem that were exposed to the storms.
The loss of fish habitat also caused the decline in fish
numbers. This reef project can help our ecosystem
by replacing lost reef due to warming, disease, hurricanes
and also provide a habitat for fish in areas that don't have
a reef ecosystem. I sincerely believe we can do something
to help our local ecosystem with support from our
community in the reef project that will benefit everyone.

A healthy near-shore reef ecosystem full of fish, coral, turtles, sharks, octopi and other life forms is every Hawaiin's birth right. Since the earliest human inhabitants came to Hawaii her reefs have provided crucial sustenance with deep cultural meaning.

In recent years reef health and nearshore fish stocks in many places in the Islands have declined. The single best way to reverse this trend is to create well planned, thoughtful new reefs that are designed to enhance coral and fish production. New reefs can take pressure off natural reefs, enhance local sustainable fisheries, provide eco tourism and study opportunity. Hard bottom and good cave-like structure is the only real limiting factor for coral and fish production; by creating more of it we will be well on our way to restoring Hawaii's beautiful reefs.

The reefs we will create will benefit everyone and everything-we want the entire community to be a part of the cutting edge ocean restoration and enhancement project.

Chris Goldblatt
CEO/founder Fish Reef Project (Hawaii)
Chris Goldblatt

Sara Devine
Sarah Rose Devine has a BS from the University of California
at Berkeley in Conservation and Resource Studies and a J.D.
from Golden Gate University and currently works in a civil
rights law firm in Honolulu, Hawaii on the island of Oahu.
As a long time ocean lover and environmental advocate,
Sarah is excited to be working with the Fish Reef Project.



Reef Ball covered in New Coral




"When you make a reef you make life" -- The Fish Reef Project guiding principle

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